Interactive Fun

This section includes all of our interactive items, all of which come supervised as standard but some can be hired unsupervised as part of a package.

For more details on each item please see 'Product Details' at the bottom of page.

Every Interactive Game Comes With...
  • Insurance 
  • Risk Assessments
  • Supervision 
  • Hard Standing / Grass
  • Inside / Outdoors
  • Drop Off Only Available

Crazy Golf

With up to nine golf holes available our traditional style crazy golf is an old favourite. Made with wood rather than plastic, it really has that traditional feel. Get past the windmill and go through the pyramid, just a couple of the obstacles you will have to face. Great item if you have an awkward space, the holes can be laid out however suits best. We also only supply one club and one ball per hole, this keeps accidents down as two many balls and clubs can be hard to handle. We can also offer foam balls in case of windows etc.  (Product Number: 35)


A fast reaction game, great for a high energy team. Fits into a office space well, along with class rooms and alike. Many game options available but the most popular is 30 seconds, click as many lit up numbers as possible. Great for team building or fastest time events. Personalised back drops available if pre-ordered.  (Product Number: 40)

Test Your Strength Boxing

Who hasn’t seen one of these at the beach or fun fair. A classic competitive game, testing the strength in your punch. We have two machines available for hire, both suitable for indoors or outside and works well for parties and celebrations.  (Product Number: 101)

Cardio Wall

Very similar to the batak, but from more of a fitness perspective. Designed to test your speed, accuracy and concentration. Great for conferences, fitness events, team building and alike. Also suitable for children as it has alternative settings. (Product Number: 45)

Saloon Bar Shot Out

John Wayne is on his way to the Saloon, with gun in hand. Be ready and prepared for the doors to open and shoot before he shoot’s you. A two player, fast reaction game, perfect for a Wild West themed event.  (Product Number: 95)

Buzzer Wire

Do you have steady hands? Our buzzer really does test if you do. Available in different sizes, from small table buzzers, to our long line floor buzzer. An old favourite enjoyed by all ages. (Product Numbers: 99 & 102)

Pop Corn & Candy Floss 

A great add on to your event, who doesn’t love a bit of pop corn or candy floss. We supply everything needed to run, taking the stress away from you. Can be hired as a pair or individual.  (Product Numbers: 43, 44, 86)

Pit Stop Challenge

Working in teams, you must replace the wheels on one side of the F1 inflatable car quicker than the team on the other side. You will have to undo bolts and role the wheels away, just like they do in the real sport. Great for team building events, getting people to work in groups, together.  (Product Number: 85)

Sumo Wrestlers

All ways a laugh, great for all ages and doesn’t take up to much space. We have adult and junior suits available with either one or two playing mats. A real photo opportunity and team building game.  (Product Numbers: 79, 36, 37)

Milking Cow Challenge

Meet Daisy and Hilda, our milking cows. A two player game which requires you to Milk the cows. Whoever produces the most milk in the allocated time, wins. A simple classic.  (Product Number: 49)

Gold Cup Racing

Up to four players at a time, the idea of the game is to ride your horse to make the cowboy move. The first horse to reach the finish line wins. A real high energy game, which gets very competitive.  (Product Number: 88)

30 Key Ring Prizes Per Stall

With upgraded prizes available on request. Different backdrops available to suit themes throughout the year, such as Wild West, Christmas and Halloween. 
Games available... 
  • Coconut Shy
  • Darts
  • Tin Can Ally
  • Ball in a Bucket
  • Soft Archery
  • Cross Bow
  • Hook a Duck
    • Hoopla 

Wild West Props

Need something to bring your theme to life? Our wild west props can do just that, traditional style probs such as hay bales, milk buckets and barrels. Hire one or them all in a package, beauty is in the detail.  (Product Number: 34)

Cactus Toss

Great to go with the Rodeo, building a wild west theme. Simply throw the hoops from the starting point over the cactus and count up the points. A real ice breaker and suitable for all ages. (Product Number: 42)

Wild West Stocks

Fill those sponges with water and soak the man in the stocks. Great for splat the teacher and alike. You cannot go wrong with these, especially on a hot day. We supply everything, we just need access to a tap. 

Table Football

We have two bar table football’s available for hire, a traditional favourite, loved by all.  (Product Number: 100)

Wakka Tube

Inflatable Wakka Tube is a two player game in which you must keep as many of your tubes inside the unit as you can. Much the same as the classic hit a mole game, its just you against you opponent. Who ever has the most tubes pushed in at the end wins.  (Product Number: 109)

Balloon Blast

A race against time with your component to pop your balloon before them. On go, each player must pump with all their might until the balloons blast. First one to go bang wins.  (Product Number: 38)

Traditional Photo Screen

Say cheese……. A great item to have on arrival, available in wild west or beach themes, great for a traditional style photo, sticking your head through the hole.  (Product Number: 46)

Giant Garden Games

Great for icebreakers or reception drinks, just like the traditional games but in giant form. We can offer packages to include just one, or all of the games, depending on your requirements. Traditional favourites such as Giant Jenga and Connect Four, to Giant Snakes and Ladders or Twister.  (Product Number: 32)

Toddler Ride On’s

Whether it be Bouncy Bunnies or walk n rides for the toddlers, or Didi Cars for the older ones, you cannot go wrong with these add on extra’s. Work brilliant on flat smooth surfaces such as sports halls or playgrounds.  (Product Number: 28, 29, 30)