Inflatable Fun

Looking for more than just a bouncy castle? Take a look at our other inflatable items, all of which come supervised as standard but can be hired as a drop off only item as part of a package.

For more details on each item please see 'Product Details' at the bottom of page.

Every Inflatable Comes With.... 
  • Insurance 
  • Risk Assessments
  • Supervision 
  • Hard Standing / Grass
  • Inside / Outdoors
  • Drop Off Only Available

Mega Helter Skelter

All the fun of the fair with our MEGA Inflatable Helter Skelter. This is a great eye catcher for any event. Loved by both children and adults for any type of party or celebration. (Product Number: 106)

Giant Football/Rugby Darts

This dart board is huge, standing just over 22ft high. Played the same way a normal darts game, you just use balls instead of darts. We can supply three round balls or three rugby balls, depending on your preference and the game can be of your choice.

Human Derby Hooper’s

Bring the races to your event. Our massive 6 lane derby course is a great stand out item for your event. With giant inflatable horses, in 2 sizes, this game builds such a crowd and everyone wants to have a go. Brilliant for team building events or family fun days. 

Bouncy Boxing

A two player game, based on the popular sport of boxing. Our inflatable looks and works just like a standard boxing ring, supplied with giant padded boxing gloves and safety helmets, this game is just like
the real thing.  (Product Number: 41)

Toddler Play Zone

This is something for the little ones. A gentle step into the bouncy castle world. This is a must if you have little ones to think about at your event. It gives them a little bit of everything, in one place, designed to suit the age range. This play zone includes a mini slide, mini bouncy castle, floating balls, soft play and ball pit.  (Product Number: 103)

Demolition Derby

The idea of the game is to knock your opponent off their podiums and be the last one standing. Using the giant wrecking ball, swing between each player, trying to knock them off the inflatable podium. Harder than you think, a real competitive and fun game with up to four players at a time.  (Product Number: 50)

Bungee Run

Two lanes, one mission, get your velcro pad further than your opponent. Strapped into a bungee belt, on the word go, run and pull yourself as far down the lane as you can, sticking your Velcro pad as far as you can reach. (Product Number: 39 & 90)

Medium Helter Skelter

All the fun of the fair with our inflatable Helter Skelter. This is a great eye catcher for any event, with its bright rainbow colours. This helter skelter is better for smaller children as the steps to the top are not as steep.  (Product Number: 91)

Football Pool

What will they think of next? A great game, suitable for all events, especially wedding and team building activities. Just like the normal game of pool, you just use your feet and a football. Simply and great fun.  (Product Number: 56)

Human Table Football

The classic game of Table Football but in human size. With up to 5 players a side, using only your feet, this game is a real atmosphere builder. Normally five minutes games, with tournament support available if required. Supplied with foam balls, the inflatables comes in three sizes. We can offer the medium or small inflatables as drop off only, in a package.  (Product Number: Large 62, Medium 63, Small 64)

Gladiator Duel

Gladiators are you ready! Based on the classic game show, our Gladiator Duel is a must at your event. A two player game in which the contestants stand on the podiums and using only the duels, try and knock each other off. Usually played as best of three, giving each side a fair chance to win. Available in two sizes.  (Product Number: Large 80, Medium 76)

Velcro Target Football

This game can be played 2 different ways, both very enjoyable and challenging. One way is to do a penalty shot out and have a goalie bouncy on the inflatable trying to stop the balls. This is great fun and allows people to dive for the ball and land on the inflatable bed. The other way is to use the Velcro targets, give each target points, and move them around the inflatable to increase difficulty.  (Product Number: 76)

Pillow Bash

This is the same principle as the Gladiator, whilst sitting on the long bar, using only the pillows supplied, you need to push one off to win. Played as best of three to give both sides a chance of winning. The girls tend to prefer this one as they feel more stable sitting rather than standing.  (Product Number: 69)

Inflatable Hoopla

Perfect for fetes, a lovely little game, simple and classic. Using the supplied hoops, you need to throw them over the inflatable posts gaining as many points as you can, the player with the most points wins.  (Product Number: 68)

Inflatable Pinball

Just like the arcade game but inflatable. Using the balls supplied, throw them up into the entrance hole one at a time and up the sloping board to score points by striking various targets as the ball makes its way to the bottom. The one with the most points at the end wins.  (Product Number: 70)

Football Shot Out

Much the same as the Rugby/Football Shot Out but smaller and doesn’t include the rugby element. Fits in smaller spaces and more suitable for the little ones. Supplied with one ball, we normally suggest three kicks per go and then adding up the total.   (Product Number: 73)

Inflatable Sticky Darts

Using the supplied darts, throw them at the Velcro dart board making them stick to the numbers. Then count up the points to see your score, you can play which ever Dart game you like. Great size for both inside and outdoors, perfect for summer fetes and team building activities.  (Product Number: 57)

Rugby/Football Shot Out

Can be hired with either Rugby or Footballs, the idea of the same is to score as many points as possible using the balls supplied. The trickier the angle, the more points are available. A lovely big inflatable which stands out well during an event.  (Product Number: 71)

Soft Play Arena

Inflatable soft play area, with 24 pieces of soft play and mini ball pit. Perfect for open spaces, keeping the children together in an enclosed area. Great for those who don’t like to bounce but build. It is amazing what children do with the soft play. (Product Number: 25)

Inflatable Basketball

A two player game in which you need to shot as many hoops as you can in the allocated time. Much the same as the arcade game, just in an inflatable version.  (Product Number: 65)

Bouncy Slides

We have two inflatable slides available, both with a 10ft slide platform. The first is our up the back slide. The children go up one side and down the other. This works well if you have a lot of space. The other is our Up the front slide, which works well in halls. (Product Number: Back 107, Front 108)