Large Inflatables and Our Most Popular Items

What our repeat customers hire year on year. The most successful and popular products. From our Mega Bouncy Castles to Lazer Quest and Assault Courses. 

For more details on each item please see 'Product Details' at the bottom of page. 

The Top Picks...
  • Football / Rugby Darts
  • Mega Helter Skelter
  • Human Derby Hoopers
  • Rodeo Bull
  • Lazer Quest
  • Last Man Standing
  • 63ft Assault Course
  • Human Table Football

Last Man Standing

With up to six player at a time, you have to jump over and duck under the two rotating bars without being hit. The bars can change direction and increase in speed, so the game gets harder as time goes on. Get hit by the one of the bars, you are out! Who will be the last man standing?  (Product Number: 81)

Lazer Quest

This brilliant ten player game is a popular one for parties and family fun days. Grab your laser gun and enter the blackout inflatable maze. You have 5 minutes to shoot as many players as you can with the laser gun. Every time you shot someone your gain a point, when someone shots you, you lose a point. You also lose points for missing the targets, which makes this a very competitive and fun game.

Giant Football / Rugby Darts

This dart board is huge, standing just over 22ft high. Exactly the same as a normal darts game, you just use balls instead of darts. We can supply three football or rugby balls, depending on your preference and the game can be of your choice.

Mega Helter Skelter

All the fun of the fair with our inflatable Helter Skelter. Available in two sizes, these are a great eye catcher for any event. Loved by kids at any type of party or celebration.

63ft Assault Course

Our newest and longest obstacle course with a whopping ten challenges to face. Perfect for team building activities, fetes and fun days.  (Product Number: 33)

Rodeo Bull    

Based on the famous Spanish Bull Fighting, our Rodeo Bull Simulator creates a rocking ride for the cowboy. Starting slow, gradually building speed and motion, with only a small rope to hang onto. Using your body strength and only one hand, you need to ride with the motion and stay on as long as you can.  Every ride is the same and timed, so it is a great item for improving your time and for guests to challenge each other throughout the event.  Large inflatable bed to land on, safety mat and lighting included. Supervised by us at all times, so it takes the worry away from you so you can relax and enjoy the event as well. (Product Number: 93)

Other Attachments: Rugby Ball, England Football, Jet Ski, Kayak, Disco Ball, Human Roulette Wheel, Horse, Pig, Reindeer, Christmas Pudding, Pumpkin, Easter Egg 

Human Table Football

The classic game of Table Football but in human size. With up to 5 players a side, using only your feet, this game is a real atmosphere builder. Normally played with five minute a side games, with tournament support available if required. Supplied with foam balls, the inflatables comes in three sizes. We can offer both the medium or small inflatables as drop off only, when hired in a package.

Human Derby Hopper’s

Bring the races to your event. Our massive 6 lane derby course is a great stand out item for your event. With giant inflatable horses, in 2 sizes, this game builds such a crowd and everyone wants to have a go. Brilliant for team building events or family fun days. We can assist you with planning a tournament if you require.